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UPDATED: 10 Ways to Improve Video Conferences

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

With many of us working from home these days, there’s no better time to improve our video conferencing skills. Video has the potential to leverage relationships because it allows participants to use more than just conversation to gauge responses – you can see for yourself if there’s understanding and engagement (or the opposite).

The following infographic provides reminders on how to use video for what is effectively today’s in-person meetings. Video chat doesn’t need to be stiff and boring, nor does it preclude you from showing your co-workers or students your kids and pets. However, the way you look at the screen and present yourself and your surroundings, all impact a participant’s perception of your professionalism, commitment, and personal brand. There’s also something to be said for lessening visual and audible distractions so that people can focus on the topics at hand.

Use the following ten tips to make the most of an impactful technology that we increasingly need to rely on to build understanding and relationships at work and school (and even at gym and in virtual happy hours).


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