• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

The Secret to Employee Engagement and Retention: Internal Marketing

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

QM created an original training course that highlights the business case for internal marketing (IM) because marketing isn’t just for products and services anymore. Internal marketing is a more focused version of employee communications that is essential to the achievement of organizational goals because it has a strategic relationship to results and leads to more satisfied, loyal, and productive employees.

Internal marketing is actually a philosophy where human resources and internal communications are activities in implementing the philosophy; it emphasizes employee retention and continual understanding rather than specific happenings and resolutions. Consider incorporating the following objectives for internal marketing into your employee engagement plans, which include

  1. Helping employees understand and accept the importance of interactions with the customer and their responsibility for quality and the marketing performance of the company

  2. Changing employee behavior toward becoming more productive, quality-oriented, and entrepreneurial

  3. Continually motivating employees by helping them understand and accept the mission, strategies, goals, services, systems, and external campaigns of the company

  4. Creating the sense that employees are an important asset to the organization

  5. Improving morale and fostering goodwill between employees and management

  6. Informing employees about internal changes and future vision

  7. Explaining compensation, incentive, promotional opportunities, and benefit plans

  8. Increasing employee understanding of the organization and its products, organization, ethics, culture, and external environment

  9. Increasing employee understanding of major health/social issues or trends affecting them and the company

  10. Encouraging employee participation in community activities and volunteerism

Internal marketing differs from other forms of employee communications because it targets employees with more directly suited information on the goals and issues and helps to retain and engage employees. If this sounds of interest or you want to discuss internal marketing further, please get in touch!

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