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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN: Even non-profits need social media marketing

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

This plan was created as part of a social media marketing course for a master's in strategic communications.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This social media plan intends to help MEDCO identify new ways to delight and engage its social media followers, prospects, and community.

MEDCO’s current social media efforts are on track for the company’s audience but need a bit of refinement and more engagement from constituencies. This plan provides information about innovative social media marketing tactics to help MEDCO’s staff understand new methods for using social media effectively and efficiently. We cover social media listening, defining a value for fans, options for engagement, identifying opportunities, techniques for building relationships, and the case for social media advertising.

To aid MEDCO in developing an active social media program, DHQM created the following:


The sample calendar is organized around themes targeted at specific audiences and/or MEDCO services. With accompanying hashtags, the themed content is scheduled so that MEDCO can pre-create items while also keeping space open for breaking news. A list of business-related “days of” throughout the year is included to keep content fresh and to allow for coordination with MEDCO events.


DHQM developed an easily-produced event for Business of the Year. The plan encourages participation through voting and allows MEDCO to highlight its services in the bios of the various nominated businesses.


DHQM has created evergreen content, so there is a continuous flow of information on the various social media platforms. This content, while targeted at the Marion business community, is not necessarily specific to MEDCO. Instead, it highlights the organization’s core values and can be posted when MEDCO finds that there isn’t enough planned or breaking news content.


Facebook and Twitter can provide MEDCO with affordable advertising opportunities. DHQM has provided sample ads to help increase engagement for specific MEDCO causes.

MEDCO has a great core group of followers on social media, but it has a fantastic opportunity to learn more and refine its programs to serve Marion businesses better. To be effective, MEDCO must listen more closely to its constituents, encourage more discussion, and define what is valuable for its community.

Please let us know your thoughts! Download the plan here.

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