• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

Case Study & Plan: Research is the key to integrated marketing communications

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This plan (link) was completed as part of master's degree coursework in integrated marketing campaigns. As part of the plan, DHQM was the entity that made the proposal.


Broadlawns Medical Center is a public hospital in Des Moines Iowa that has a

rich history of helping disadvantaged populations. The majority of Broadlawns

patients cover the cost of services through Medicare or Medicaid, but

Broadlawns has done a fantastic job of fundraising and rebranding and has

been renovating and improving its offerings over the past five years.

At the same time Broadlawns was expanding and improving, Des Moines was

also growing its community by welcoming new refugees. These new

community members, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bhutan,

Myanmar, and Syria, are a population that will be well served by Broadlawns’

mission to help people gain access to healthcare regardless of their ability to


With Broadlawns’ recent renovation and construction of outpatient clinics,

DHQM sees an excellent opportunity to provide affordable healthcare to the

refugees. Numerous arriving refugees receive a required entry physical at

Broadlawns which is where they begin their U.S. healthcare journey and an

ideal place to cultivate a relationship. Many of the refugees, however, have

language, religious, and cultural norms that can limit their approach to a

Western-style healthcare system.

The primary target segments for this campaign are refugee families. Due to a

more traditional family structure, we would market clinic services to parents,

ages 25 to 45 because over half of the refugees arriving are under twenty

years of age. The secondary target segments are those outreach, school and

religious leaders that influence and help refugees. The campaign will also serve

to educate Broadlawns’ staff on some of the barriers refugees have to access


DHQM sees the process of helping refugees access quality healthcare at

Broadlawns as a journey; somewhat analogous to their migration to the U.S. As

such, we have named our campaign Destination Health. The campaign is

dedicated to educating the refugee population about health through a variety

of seminars and social media tools. Broadlawns’ new and renovated medical

clinics will be promoted to help refugees understand that they can access

quality healthcare at little or no cost.

A child’s health is of primary importance to all parents, so the campaign’s

focus will be on paring refugee parents with the clinic services they need for

their kids – like the pediatric and dental clinics. We want healthy parents and

kids alike, so we will also provide information about the eye clinic, women’s

health center, primary care center and family health center.

Using a variety of electronic and printed collateral, seminars, targeted social

media, transit advertising, and news releases, the campaign will create

awareness of Broadlawns’ clinic services with refugees and influencers, while

also reaching a substantial number of residents that live around Broadlawns.

The campaign hopes its efforts will increase annual refugee physicals and

dental visits by 20 percent. The full IMC plan, creative mix samples, and a wide

variety of research follows.

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