• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

9 Ways to Manage Your Personal Brand in Your Second Act

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

More than 60 percent of employees age 45 and up have experienced or seen age discrimination at work, according to an AARP study. So, what’s a Gen Xer or Boomer to do?

A well-planned personal branding and/or job search strategy can make all the difference for those in the “second act” of their careers.

Why? Because your experience is a strength - not a weakness. By using technology to enhance your networking and credibility, you can showcase your knowledge and prove that age hasn’t hindered your ability to be relevant.

The infographic highlights the various steps you can take to develop your personal brand. If you’re searching for work, the graphic provides options to build your brand in tandem with your job search.

Hillary Hufford-Tucker is the founder of QM MarCom and provides fresh solutions for marketing, communications, personal branding, and graphic design campaigns. When she’s not working, she’s cooking for friends and family, cycling, F45ing, or traveling. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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