Only you know your professional strengths and aspirations. Creating a personal brand includes defining your unique identity, one that highlights your skills as compared with others in your company or your industry. No matter your career situation – director, c-suite, or someone experiencing ageism – you need to be the brand manager of your professional brand.

Layoffs and ageism are so commonplace today that QM is compelled to support Gen Xers and Boomers as they move to the second act of their careers. QM has crafted a nine-step roadmap for developing a fresh, youthful personal brand which includes: ​

  1. Completing a Personal Brand Analysis

  2. Defining Unique Brand Statement

  3. Creating a Fresh Resumé

  4. Using LinkedIn Strategically

  5. Developing a Web Portfolio or Blog

  6. Understanding Social Promotion

  7. Organizing Your Search

  8. Creating Positive First Impressions

  9. Knowing the Money Matters

Personal Branding

If you don't tell your story, who will?


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