No leader wants employees to work without engagement, but it happens every day in companies big and small. Employee Communications interpreted as internal marketing links a company’s objectives, products, and services to an employee's job description and performance. This re-engineered form of employee communications increases engagement and retention, which improves performance and fosters brand advocacy.

QM works to harness the power of engagement by redesigning employee communications as internal marketing. We’ll connect your organization’s vision to employees’ jobs to help your organization succeed. Following are just a few of the tactics QM has implemented that improve engagement, communications, and retention:

  • Performance-Based Communications

  • Messaging Platforms

  • Training and Facilitation

  • On-boarding Programs

  • Employee Round Tables

Internal Marketing

“Unless employees experience internal marketing themselves, they are never likely to understand or be motivated enough to use the approach to drive all their dealings with external customers or other vital stakeholders within and around the organization.”


--Thomas and Hecker, 2000 p. 57-58


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