QM MarCom began in 2004 when I (Hillary Hufford-Tucker) left the corporate world to pursue new professional projects. Named after my kids, QM provides flexibility and an opportunity to work for a variety of industries.

​A client referred to me as a "solutionista" - a fun way of saying I provide fresh MarCom and personal branding services. Being a solutionista – and solving client’s problems – continues to be the mainstay of meeting the needs of my customers. As a sole-proprietor, I work quickly and within budget confines. I focus on outcomes that are practical, relevant, and creative with an eye on what’s on the horizon.


CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS EXPERTISE ‒ FRAMING THE NARRATIVE IN ANY SITUATION: As a corporate communications manager, I messaged to a wide variety of audiences. I didn’t enjoy being good at delivering bad news, but the focus on caring about people was what made the messages resonate. I also drove global strategy for employee communications and engagement, closure announcements, crisis and environmental communications, and public and government relations.


MARKETING MANAGER EXPERTISE ‒ MAINTAINING SHARE WITH EFFECTIVE BRAND VISION: As a marketing manager, I managed an established brand and marketing team, then collaborated to reframe the brand strategy after the break-up of the business. I oversaw advertising, loyalty programs, focus group research, agencies, online strategy, and collateral development. I developed vital skills in my early years by working for a retail franchise company in marketing, communications, and design.


CONSULTING EXPERTISE ‒ COMBINING SKILLS TO SERVE SMALL BUSINESSES: My business, QM MarCom, provides MarCom and graphic design services to an eclectic range of small companies – wellness to real estate to home improvement. Recent projects include social media strategy and content, magazine and ad design, and website development.


PERSONAL BRANDING EXPERIENCE ‒ CREATING RELEVANT PERSONAL BRANDS: I help Gen Xers and Boomers recast the “second act” of their work life. I’ve created a nine-step process for attractive, youthful personal brands using my expertise in marketing, branding, social media, termination announcements, human resources communications, and graphic design.


In the interest in continuous improvement, I recently completed a master’s in strategic communications. From social media to content development to integrated marketing communications to ageism, the curriculum increased my ability to provide genuinely relevant solutions for you or your organization. Let’s talk.

Marketing communications is a mix of digital marketing, advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion. QM's expertise is in making the parts work together, strategically and cohesively.

Employee engagement and internal communications should be thought of as internal marketing. QM harnesses the power of engagement to connect your organization’s vision to employees’ jobs to help your organization succeed.

QM helps Gen Xers and Boomers recast the “second act” of their work life. We craft more attractive, youthful personal brands using  expertise in marketing, branding, social media, terminations, HR communications, and graphic design.

Graphic Design

In today’s digital landscape, design skills are a must. QM's applied creativity to everything from print, to advertising, to social media, to websites, to apparel. You name it, we've probably designed it.

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